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Akothee Roasted by Fans for Bad Outfit


Akothee is never the one to shy away from controversy and yesterday she just created a new one on Instagram after she posted a photo of herself with her dance instructor dressed in an outfit that her fans did not appreciate. The comments came in "fast and furious:

Here is the photo that Akothee's fans won't give her a breathing space for 

@dr_oliversmWhether "a Star or commoner, this is a really ugly picture."

@joyanzilimiseriously "not cool! Wewe ni mama ya watoto watano"

@rachelwanja "Yaani someone just let akothee go out hivyo tu😩😩. Wah!"

@karennungari Akothee ptoooh ata wewe sasa umeanza kutuchokesha. Go to Lady Jaydee (for lessons) on how to be a celebrity with mentorship and reasons. Si fcuk boy utuanikie hapa nelly then sasa hii. Bad baad akothee baad

Akothee though was not without some defenders in her corner:

@roxmwaurah @joycegithinji0 mahaters tu na wivu.only madam boss can pull that look

mikyhellerBig deals big dreams.. Keep pushing nyathiwa@madam boss

This is however not the first time Akothee is getting roasted for her dressing, last year she received a thorough backlash after showing up for a performance in Turkana in the dress bellow.


Edditor's advice: Akothee, kindly invest some of the millions you make in a stylist. Thank me later. 

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