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Just who is Huddah calling a hoe?

Huddah Monroe

Huddah is not happy about people who make money sleeping with rich men from the continent and flaunting it on the interwebs (read that with tongue in cheek).

According to recent Instagram photo stories seen by Urban Gossip, The Boss Lady has been on a rampage calling off people who heck a living through unethical means (this is where you wish someone had a mirror).

“Over working because sleeping with men for money is overrated,” read part of the first update.

“If you have to, get in, get out go do ya thing. You can’t be a hoe forever!”

The update looks like a veiled attack on a popular voluptuous socialite who is rumored to have been vacationing with the Vice President of a Central African nation in the Maldives.

She went ahead to mock the socialite for not doing anything to take her family out of poverty-ravaged slums.

“It’s just sad hoes calling others broke when they family is still in the slums! Shame!”

Her criticisms of her former colleague (so we think) turned foe drew mixed reactions from the public with many wondering if she had the moral authority to call other people names with the H-Word.

Huddah now owns a beauty products line known as Huddah Cosmetics – maybe she is listening to her own advice about going in and getting out.

By now though you sure know like we do just who she is calling “a hoe.”

She still had one last piece of advice for young girls on these social media streets.

 “Don’t ever let bitc**s sleeping with men for money from continent to continent TALK YOU DOWN! Okay ladies?”

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