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How I Got Married at 14 - Akothee's Advice to Daughters


Akothee has resorted to turning back to her own history to teach her children a lesson about responsibility and focusing on their careers. In an Instagram post that has a photo of the controversial musician with one of her daughters seen to be entering an entertainment spot, she cautions her against partying too much.

"We shall party yes, but remember you have a future to focus on, so consume what your body can handle my daughter."


She goes on to relive an experience that left her pregnant at 14 just because she was not open enough with her parents. It had everything to do with her love for music.

"Thank God you have a mum! During our days , we had to sneak and jump over the fence with clothes to change huko mbele just in the name of going to Nyatiedero, or stay in Omega Disco, Migori from the day they tie the music to the date they untied it for the fear of going back home. There were no phones! So the day your parents will see you or hear from you is when you report back. This fear is what made some of us end up with your fathers, we just decided to settle in the fear of not going back home at 14 years of age but still got pregnant in the middle of the fear."

She concludes by assuring her daughter that she could always count on her to have her back if she feels like she wants to let loose.

"Monday is school @veshashaillan call me anytime you wanna go out my love! I will take a flight from mombasa come hang out! Unless you want a ME time do it my love 😂 but do let me know with whom you are out just text ! Yes mum am out with....... When you home, do the same just to make sure you safe"

She also wants to meet her boyfriend when she gets one.

"If you have a catch , pliz introduce me so I know & when pregnancy checks in let me be the first to know my love , never hide anything from me mama, I am the final recipient anyway. Nitajua tu but for now focus on building yourself I love you."

These are probably conversations every parent should be having with their children, just not sure if social media is the place to do it though.

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