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SERIES REVIEW: Black Lightning Season 1


While we are all still caught aback by Black Panther which stars Kisumu's Lupita Nyong'o, there is another super hero series that is currently taking the US by storm - Black LightningI.

The series stars Cress Williams, James Remar, Christine Adams among other top Hollywood acts.


Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) had retired from his secret identity of Black Lightning many years ago, but when danger threatens his twenty-something daughter, Jennifer (Nafessa Williams), and a promising student is being lured by a gang, he returns to the fight.

This series is about a reluctant superhero trying to balance family life and heroics. Black Lightning is torn between duty to himself and his family and duty to the greater good. It's an easy decision to make when it's not yours, but how many of us, even with super powers, would risk our lives daily? 

The angst is nicely balanced with the action. Meanwhile, one daughter has super powers of her own, and has none of her dad's angst (so far). 

The series is successful both as a family drama and as a superhero movie. So far it's one of my favorites of the superhero genre (although it's no Legion). 

You'll see a bunch of really harsh reviews here that mention that there's a white cop who pulls over the black protagonist early on for no good reason. Some people are outraged about the portrayal of this even though it's well documented that cops pull over black drivers more often than white people. 

This is a series mainly focused on a vicious black gang, with the black superhero also being thwarted by the nice but ineffectual black cop, so if someone is obsessing over the five-minute scene with the white cop then they have an agenda. And that agenda is to slap down any series that even hints that black people might not always be treated quite as nicely as white people in America. They should be outraged that the cops pull over black drivers more than white ones, but no, they're just upset that a show takes a couple of minutes to point the fact out. 

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