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Zari Hassan Blasted for Missing Mowzey Radio's Funeral


When Mowzey Radio who passed on last week was being buried in Uganda, Zari Hassan was mile away in Dubai attending a friend's birthday party. 

Well, according to her she sent out her condolences to the family via Facebook, her fans were not taking it lightly that she skipped the burial of a man who stood by her when she lost the father of her children just last year.

“On behalf of my family, would like to send our deepest condolences to Moseys’ family during this hard and trying time. May the Lord rest his soul in peace From Ms Zari.”

Here is how the fans reacted:

“I’m your number one fan but it hurts to see you enjoying in Dubai not coming home to mourn for our brother the Lamborghini hitmaker Mowzey Radio vocal master,” said Kaytayc, one of Zari's followers on IG.

“Seriously Zrai you’re dry and selfish. I didn’t expect this from you. The late Ivan died many Ugandans were there supporting you and making you strong including the late Mowzey Radio but it’s unfortunate you didn’t even turn up to even see his remains,” said another fan called Hanipher.

Zari however hit back at her critics saying that she also lost her mother but no one stopped their lives for her...Sort of to mean "life goes on for the living."

“@Kaytayc I paid respect on Facebook. I don’t remember anybody’s life stopping when my mother passed on. I don’t get it when y’all always wanting to find fault when there is none when it comes to me. Did your life stop when Ivan ‘Don’ Semwanga died? Yep, I thought so.”

Editors thought: Radio died and was buried so fast that if Zari was already out of the country it would not have been possible for her to come back. Plus life really goes on....



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