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'Leave Homosexuals alone Or Lose your Job' - Joji Baro Warns Ezakiel Mutua


Gay Gospel Musician Joji Baro is warning KFCB Boss Ezakiel Mutua that he risks losing his job if he continues to fight the gay and lesbian community.

Joji's beef with Mutua comes after the KFCB boss wrote to the NGO Coordination Board asking for investigation of some NGOs which he accuses of promoting homosexuality in Kenya. In his letter, Mutua said that he would rather lose his job than see homosexuality becoming a normal trend in Kenya.

Joji however took to his social media to respond to the letter saying that Mutua might just have his wish of being jobless granted by the gay community. He insinuates that there are several lawmakers in Kenya who are secretly gay and would not allow Mutua to go on unchecked.

“Being gay is not a career. I think you are confusing it with sex work. Even so, sex workers also have their right. Some of these gay sex workers provide services to so many law makers out there. If you think you are too smart just try and touch a gay man who is a partner of someone up there and you will kiss your job goodbye just like how I made you loose your diplomatic passport. "

Joji also defended the work that some of these NGOs do.

"These gay organisations employ people who can otherwise not be employed by the mainstream companies. They provide services that the gay people cannot access because they are refuse to have sex with people of opposite sex like you. These organisations is registered by the Board of NGOs they can generate alot of tax from the “big money”, wrote Joji Baro in part.

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