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K24 TV's Mwanaisha Chidzuga Defends "Bae" from Bloggers on Twitter


When microblogger Dikembe Disembe sought to give Hon. Danson Mungatana a few words of political advice, he had no idea that his "bae" would come back fire breathing and taking no prisoners. Disembe alleged in a tweet that Mungatana had reached political oblivion and only Raila Odinga's grace could revive his dwindling career. 

At this point in time, the only human being who can rescue the political career of Danson Mungatana from oblivion is RAILA ODINGA. He is the man with God’s heart to forgive and help, again and again. Long live Baba.

— D I K E M B E (@Disembe) January 24, 2018

Disembe's comments came in the wake of news that Mungatana was one of the individuals to be interviewed for the position of Assembly Clerk in Tana River county. Mungatana had in the last elections unsuccessfully bid for the position of Governor and lost to an ODM candidate. 

Screen siren Mwanaisha Chidzuga who also happens to be Mungatana's wife and mother to his three kids was not going to take that kind of ridicule on her husband lying down. She shot back accusing Disembe of idleness and even offered him a job.

kuwatoa taka masikioni coz clearly ni minyoo ndio ulionayo akilini check the functions and role of the county clerk in the constitution.clearly kuna kwenda shule kusoma na kupeleka wengine waelimike..rudi shule boychild ukajifunze tena ndio uzungumze mbele ya wanaume waliotimia

— Mwanaisha Chidzuga (@IamIshaChidzuga) January 24, 2018


Hey fool idleness is a disease we are hiring at our company I know njaanuary is real and any hit or like will earn u something to survive. Wacha kujiwaste kwa umbea na kusambaza uvumi njoo nikupe kazi hata kama in kukuna Nazi au kuchonga viazi.

— Mwanaisha Chidzuga (@IamIshaChidzuga) January 24, 2018

That was however not all she had to say to the tweeps. Responding to one who claimed she had neglected Mungatana after his changed financial status, she confirmed that they are still together and have a happy family. 


16yrs later with 3 children family still intact and still so much in love and going strong.. Una la ziada pengine?

— Mwanaisha Chidzuga (@IamIshaChidzuga) January 24, 2018


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