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Did You See This Inspiring TBT Post by Cynthia Nyamai?


Who is Cynthia Nyamai? For those of you asking that, she is a former Business News anchor who started plying her trade at KTN before moving over to CITIZEN TV. She quit her job as an anchor to start her own PR firm - Cynthia Nyamai Communications which would play a pivotal role in winning the elections for Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari and Uganda's Yoweri Museveni.

In the last elections Cynthia Nyamai was behind Mike Sonko's rehabilitated image as he ran for governor alongside his now estranged deputy Polycarp Igathe. 

Her TBT post on Instagram however goes back to her her first major gig in Nigeria.


Her story actually shows the power of dreams. How many of us today would sell their cars to get business capital? I remember she used to drive a Nissan Xtrain back in the day and she dearly loved that car, but for her dreams she parted ways with it.

But that's not even it, she had to endure walking to work.

"Two years earlier I had sold my car for capital to start my PR firm and I would walk to my office. "

Other significant projects she has worked on include President Uhuru Kenyatta's first election campaign, Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi's Forbes Person of The Year Award, Emerging Capital Partners investment into Nairobi Java House and a host of other local products. 

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