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Why #PayinfluencersKe is Trending on Twitter


You have probably seen social media users with a lot of followers pushing brands or events on your timeline. These individuals are often referred to as "influencers" because they can at times influence people to consume a particular brand or sway opinions about an event, personality or culture. 

Bloggers, vloggers, celebrities and everyday people become influencer gold based on their cult-like following or “insta-fame”.  These influencers give companies significant leveraging power when it comes to reaching a brand’s target demographic.

With all this benefits they offer companies and brands, how are they paid?

Being an influencer can earn you a lot of money. Institutions like BAKE Business which is affiliated to the bloggers association of Kenya acts like an agency that pairs social media influeencers with brands that are interested in their socail media followers for a fee and in some cases complimentary or pro - bono causes. 

However social media influencers who are not affiliated to organizations such as BAKE Business that act as agencies are in most times not paid or even exploited by brands. On Friday, the hash tag #PayInfluencers was trending in Kenya on Twitter at number one and here are some of the comments from the TT.


Shout out to companies that work with models or influencers directly like Bonfire Adventures & Taxify. It's middlemen who create these problems. #PayModelsKE #PayInfluencersKE

— Cyprian, Is Nyakundi (@C_NyaKundiH) February 9, 2018


Mama Fua's are paid in cash, and promptly as opposed to models and influencers who are paid in kind. Hio ndio level mko nyinyi models and fake influencers. Let that sink in. #PayModelsKE #PayInfluencersKE

— Cyprian, Is Nyakundi (@C_NyaKundiH) February 9, 2018

Naomi Mutua, a notable influencer shares wwords of advice:

We had this conversation at the end of 2017.
As an influencer:
- know your worth or else you'll be exploited.
- be able to prove value to what you're asking for, or else they won't see what you're worth!
Just saying "I should be paid X amount" doesn't cut it#PayInfluencerske

— Naomi Mutua 🐱🐾 (@AKenyanGirl) February 9, 2018


I think the answer to #PayModelsKE is to form an association to handle their bookings and set rules including those of pay & exploitation. Same applies to #PayInfluencerske.

The answer lies within us. Nobody from the outside will come to bring change.

— Adam Maina! (@AdamMaina_) February 8, 2018


#PayInfluencersKE But if you dont like it there LEAVE dont say peoples out here taking advantage of you just go for something better... its okay to say NO.. its okay to say your worth pia.Hujashikiwa gun..LEAAAVE this kinda situations. .

— Bree Mong'ina (@beebree0) February 9, 2018


Budget for most Kenyan Events
Artists =over 100k each
DJs =over 100k each
Security =1000 Bob each
Models= Free food & alcohol, hangout with "celebs" n even sleep with them which is considered as a privilege!
Influencers = Event tickets 🙁🙁#PayInfluencerske#paymodelske

— Moseax™ 🏉 🇰🇪 (@Moseax) February 9, 2018

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