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Why Kisumu Residents Feel Cheated on the Exclusivity of Lupita Movie Premier

By URBAN RADIO NE… on Wed, 14/02/2018 - 08:34

KISUMU, 14TH FEBRUARY 2018: When they heard that Lupita Nyong'o's new movie Black Panther  will have it's official African premier in Kisumu on 13th February 2018, residents of the lakeside city purchased tickets in their droves to be among the first people in Africa to watch the thriller.

But after the screening of the film on Tuesday evening it turned out that there was actually an exclusive viewing party at Imax Nairobi on Monday and Tuesday afternoon.

The screening at Imax Nairobi was for VIPs who included politicians, musicians and influential bloggers.

Award winning lifestyle blogger Rayhab "Potentash" Gachango poses for a photo with her sister Jane Muthoni after the first screening of the film in Nairobi on Monday. PHOTO: Courtesy/Instagram

Among the first VIPs to watch the film was 2017 BAKE Awards Best Lifestyle Blogger, Rayhab Gachango.

"#BlackPanther was amazing. I would watch it again on big screen  .... I could only get a plus one for the VIP show (which was the first Black Panther showing in Africa), "she posted after the movie. 

Lupita's father Prof. Anyang' Nyong'o was accompanied by Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Tuesday afternoon to watch the same film in Nairobi hours before it premiered in Kismumu. 

Here is how some of Kismu's residents reacted on social media:

Laura Jean-Louis#Exclusive just lost its meaning....#blackpanthakisumu ama Nairobi pia ni Kisumu?

Soi Cate Chelang: Woiyee kucheswa nayo!

Victor Opil: The movie was dope though lupita would have just come and grace the occasion.... we wanted to see other casts of the movie physically paraded by lupita for us to see only to sit for three hours glued on 3D

Laura jean-Louis: Regardless the privet viewing should have been done in #Kisumu it would serve as a great and we'll deserved facelift for we all know we need it all in all water under the bridge. Peace out!

Well, exclusive or not exclusive we think it's a movie worth your time. 


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