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Migori Woman Whose Hands were Chopped Off Is Now Homeless Too

By Emily Otieno on Fri, 09/02/2018 - 14:42
Maria Rioba 1

MIGORI,9TH FEBRUARY 2018: A woman whose hand was chopped off in Kuria West two weeks ago is living in fear as the man said to have committed the offense is still at large.

Maria Rioba Musa lost her left hand in the heinous crime committed by her husband Musa Matiko Gisiri at Tarang’anya  village on January 18 but he is yet to be arrested.

She reported the matter to Kehancha Police station.

Speaking at Ombo Mission Hospital in Migori town, where she is admitted, Maria said she feared going back to her matrimonial home as her husband would came back.

“I cannot go back to that home. I don’t know what that man can do to me,” Maria said.

The mother of nine said his husbands brothers had also taken household items from their home and there is nothing to go home to.

“My children have also run away from our home, I need them to be safe with me, but in a different place,” Maria said.

Her daughter, Elizabeht Ghati Musa who is taking care of her mother at the hospital asked well wishers to help her mother get out of the hospital and help them put up a new home for them.

Ghati said they experienced hostility from their home and going back there was not safe for them.

“Our father is still at large, we hear he is in Tanzania but he may come back to finish what he started if we go back to our home,”

Vincent Were, a social worker at Ombo Hospital, asked well wishers to come to the aid of the woman and her children as her family has abandoned her.

“No one has come to visit her from the family save for her children and they have no way to raise any money as their culter does not allow a woman to sell anything from their home if the man is not around,” Were said.

As of today, Maria owes the hospital kshs. 42,650, a bill which increases daily by ksh. 600.

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