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Urban Café with Miriam Angila


ABOUT BUSINESS: The broke entrepreneur



With the financial crisis and economical situation in our country, I bet you tired of obstacles dictating the terms of you entrepreneurial dreams? It's time to hack a new way to success.


The number one reason you are dead broke and trying to claw from the bottom is because you are selfish. You’re selfishly holding all the money to yourself, barely making ends meet, barely paying the bills. You selfishly sabotage yourself into believing that too much money is a bad thing, when in reality, more money could bring more positive change. STOP SPENDING MONEY ON NONE VALUE ADDING FRIENDS! “NO VALUE ADDING MEETINGS IN BARS “

Spend money on the small things that will add value to your business

Join a focus group that actually has goals and vision e.g The Rotary.. Which is a perfect place for networking and giving back to communities instead of those bar business meeting which are an excuse to buy a drink or two and a hung over the next day.


So you have a nice spunky car… on loan!, live in a gate a gated community…..rented and you drink expensive drinks with beautiful people around you….. on a bar tab you can’t afford

Well congratulations, you are broke! Now look at Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook started off to most as some stupid social app, but has grown to a full-fledged business. Zuckerburg is worth millions, has multiple homes and is a huge philanthropist, all because he pushed past his normal boundaries. Don’t get too comfortable on loans and the middle class myth.


Going from dead broke to super rich is not something that is going to happen overnight. For many of us, it means us stepping out of our comfort zone, and taking on an entirely new perspective. To get out of this dead broke mindset and enter a rich life; you need to learn to push past your limits, destroy some of the money myths from the past, and reprogram the mental frameworks surrounding money that limited you in the past.


The losers in life just wait around to see what is going to happen. They don’t really do anything to make it happen; they just take their chances

By contrast, a champion is very clear about what personal and professional success means to him. And then he chooses actions that will make his definition come true.

So ask yourself, "Have you figured out your own definition of success? Could you stand up, right now, in the midst of a staff meeting, and give a five-minute talk on your definition of success? Do you know exactly what you would say?"

Clarify your definition and then choose success-producing behaviors. 


No matter how many skills you have, you'll always lack some skills. Unfortunately, the losers excuse or justify their lack of skills. They say such things as: "That's just the way I am," or "I could never do such-and-such.” 

Does that describe you? If so, there should be some evidence of continuing education and self-empowerment in your life. Perhaps you read a chapter a day in a book that will keep you abreast of the latest changes in your field. And perhaps you listen to a motivational recording as you drive to work, picking up the information and inspiration to become a more effective human being overall.

Getting ahead, winning, succeeding, being a peak performer, reaching the top, whatever you want to call it, is NOT a mystery.  All the evidence indicates that it is possible -- even probable – just twick your broke mentality .

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