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12 Helpful Hints on How To Keep Your Home Cockroach Free


1. Always wipe down, immediately after use, any surfaces where food is prepared or eaten. At the same time, wipe down the hob every night after cooking.

2. Never leave dirty dishes standing over night – a ready made invitation to come and feast. If you cannot wash them, then at the very least rinse or leave to soak in soapy water.

3. Never leave dirty dishes sitting overnight in the dishwasher without rinsing them off completely. Also make sure your dishwasher is clean itself. There could be food remains in the filter or along the seals. The filter should be cleaned out after every dishwasher cycle . I spritz the seals and give them all a clean plus I put in a cup of white vinegar (sitting on the top shelf) while pouring another half cup into the bottom of the dishwasher. I then run a very hot wash without any dishes. Try to follow this routine at least every month to keep your dishwasher spotless.

4. Wash any pet food dishes every day and never leave out any pet food over night. Pet water bowls are of course a source of water for lurking cockroaches so perhaps you should think about how you can resolve that problem too.

5. Clean the inside of both the oven and the microwave regularly as well as the extractor hood. Also clean those hard to reach areas behind and beneath the refrigerator and the stove frequently.

6. Store all non-refrigerated foods (pastas, flour etc) in containers with well fitting lids (remembering that glass is much safer than plastic) and keep any shelves in the pantry or store cupboards clean and tidy. Get rid of any unnecessary clutter.

7. Try to remember to take garbage and compost out of their kitchen bins every night and put them in their appropriate outside bins. If you cannot do this, then make sure that the inside bins are tightly closed.

8. Vacuum and/or sweep floors regularly (especially in the kitchen and eating areas) to remove any food debris. You can use the vacuum cleaner’s tube attachment to suck up debris and possibly cockroaches too from any cracks in the wall or floors as well as behind furniture and appliances but remember that the vacuum bag itself could be a source of food for cockroaches. Dispose of your vacuum cleaner bag in a sealed container.

9. Look out for any cracks and gaps in floors, walls, cupboards and around water pipes and electrical cables. Check underneath sinks and basins and at the same time look for any water leaks which should be repaired.

Avoid using a pesticide with these natural remedies instead

10. Diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled in hidden areas such a cabinet tops and behind appliances. Harmless to people, the tiny particles cut the waxy exo-skeleton, killing the insect within 48 hours. For a week or so after the treatment, the dehydrating insects will search more actively for water so you might see more of them just for that period before they die.

11. Catnip is a natural repellent to cockroaches. Small sachets of catnip can be left in areas of cockroach activity or catnip can be simmered in a small amount of water to make a “catnip tea” which can be used as a spray to apply around baseboards and behind counters. This natural repellent should only be used in homes without cats unless you want them partying the night away!

12. Keep a spray bottle of soapy water on hand. Spraying roaches directly with soapy water will kill them or use an large empty coffee can in which you place a couple of pieces of bread that have been soaked thoroughly with beer. Place these in appropriate areas as traps. Another method is to place some boric acid on top of kitchen cupboards only (as it is toxic by mouth to children and pets). Cockroaches will then take the boric acid to their nests, eliminating them all.

Source: Amoils.Com

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