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Jalang'o opens up about being blackmailed by a "baby mama"

Jalang'o- Blackmail

Jalang'o recently opened up about his personal life and told the world about a woman who made his life hell by constantly blackmailing him for cash. It was so bad that his official baby mama left him because of that drama.

Telling his story on radio, Jalang'o went back to nine years ago when he was a theater actor and lived in Mwiki. He says he met a girl during on of his theater trips to Nyanza but when the girl saw the real life he was leaving she left him just to resurface when he got a better gig with with Kiss FM.

"One day she called and said that she had something to tell me. By then things had started to look up and I was at Kiss by then.....Later she came and told me that she had been pregnant and she had a baby and the child was mine."

"I asked her could I see the baby and she said yes I could but for now since she had broken up with the boyfriend and this was my baby I would be paying child support."

Jalang'o says he had no problem paying child support but when he asked her to bring the baby so that they could have a DNA test done she started threatening him. She threatened to tell the world how irresponsible he was as a father. This got to Jalang'o who had just started building a brand of himself.

"Now she started being bad and sending a whole story on how she would send it to Ghafla! ...... So that everybody would know what an irresponsible man I am."

Jalang'o says everytime she would send the threats he would send her money. The blackmail went on for long and Jalang'o says that his attempts to get a DNA test were futile. At one point when he insisted that he is not sending anymore money until a DNA test is done the lady promised to come with the baby but when she did show up she oly had pieces of hair and nails in a plastic bag. 

Jalang'o says he has even gone to Mombasa where the woman now resides but his attempts to even see the baby that he sends money to every month have never been successful. 

"She even stalks and says I can see you you are hanging out and having a good time and your baby has not had food...we are sleeping hungry...then she would take photos of the baby in tatters and stuff....She is actually part of the reason why I broke up with my baby mama."

Jalang'o says she had moved up to sending threatening messages to his baby mama and telling her how they are living lavishly while her and her baby were struggling in Mombasa. 

The baby in question would be about 10 years now according to Jalang'o but he has never met him ever. 

Jalang'o says his main reason of coming out with this story was so that he is never blackmailed with it again. 


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